Kanenaka Wakizashi with NTHK Certificate

Shinto period o'suriage wakizashi. It comes with a NTHK Certificate stating that this sword has been attributed to " Den Musahi no Kami Kanenaka " as having made the sword.

References for this swordsmith can be found in "Hawleys Japanese Swordsmiths " with reference to KAN1706, as well as Dr Tokunoh Kasuo's book " Toko Taikan " on page 106, and again on Fujishiro's Shinto Volume on page 56 where it says " kanenaka musashi no kami ( tenna 1681 echizen ) Shinto chujosaku, he also made swords in musashi, his style is echizen seki which resembles "harima no daijo shigetoshi " a wazamono rated smith.

He worked in the " genroku period of 1688 - 1704. Construction of the blade is described as " shinogi - zukuri. This is a very nice old blade that has been shortened over time to accommodate various owners preferences, it has a very flamboyant hamon which is seen clearly, there are no cracks or kizu, some period blemishes that would be removed with a polish but I did not warrant a polish for this sword, it can be studied as is.

nagasa: 45.50cm

sori: 15.0cm

mekugiana: 3


kiri hamon: gunome hada: itame – masame

habaki: copper - brass tsuba:

excellent tsukashi tsuba original to koshirae

koshirae: black lacquer coated saya

tsuka: excellent condition sami with very good binding, featuring gold arabesque pattern on fuchi and kashira ( kashira partly worn )

menuki: branch of a tree with gold leaves and persimmon ( or Plum )


Price: $1700

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